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Children and adolescents face special challenges in their young lives. 
 There are pressures to be part of the family, to fit in to a peer group, to master academics and athletics. 


  • Children benefit from therapy, just as adults do.  Children also suffer with anxiety, sadness and other emotional difficulties.  Children are often acutely tuned in to family stress.
  • Some child problems, especially behavior problems and anxiety issues, are best addressed in a meeting with both child and parent.  Some parents and children experience a "temperament mismatch" - resolving the mismatch issue can be of great benefit in the family.

  • AD/HD, under-achievement and learning problems, all can be helped by strategies designed to maximize the individual's strengths.

  •  Adolescence is a tumultuous time - sometimes teens need an "objective" adult to talk to.

Children adolescents teenagers behavioir problems oppositional defiant disorder AD/HD ADD attention deficit