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Psychological Evaluations

Psychological evaluations can answer a range of questions including:

  • You don't feel right.  Is it physical? Emotional? Stress? Something else?  A psychological evaluation can help clarify these issues.
  • It's hard to focus.  Things seem to take me longer than they used to.  Do I have ADD?  Is there something wrong?
  • Helping determine if the individual is benefiting/would benefit from medication
  • Understanding relationship and personality factors
  • Helping to clarify the presence or degree of a disability
  • Helping to narrow the focus in career decisions
  • Distinguishing depression from dementia in the elderly
  • Identifying treatment recommendations for persons in trouble with the law

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Educational Evaluations

Educational evaluations help to determine if there are learning differences/challenges

  • An educational evaluation often includes an intellectual (IQ) assessment
  • Childhood behavior problems can mask a learning disorder
  • A gifted evaluation can help ensure your child is getting the education they need
  • Under-achievement is not always about laziness, sometimes there are complex causes
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and other learning differences, can be difficult to detect without an educational evaluation
  • Some families prefer a private child study team evaluation, to ensure that the information remains confidential

Psychological and educational evaluations occur over a series of sessions. 
It is typical for an evaluation, including a 1 hour interview, to take 4-6 sessions.  
The results are explained thoroughly during a feedback session. 
If the family wishes, feedback to the referring physician/psychologist/school system is also provided.